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Born in the colorful land of India, I have always had artistic hand. Initially started with charcoal pencils and pastels, life took a beautiful turn when Acrylics stepped in almost 12 years ago and ChartistWorld was formed. Residing in New Jersey for a couple of years now, ChartistWorld continues to grow, bring positive vibes and spread awareness for conservation of environment.

I am highly inspired by our beautiful planet and believe that some small steps that we can take to conserve it, will lead to a harmoniously shared ecosystem for all species. My signature contemporary abstract style features bold hues in a unique panel structure where I fracture the composition and tie it all with a soft brushwork, layers upon layers of colors and marks which create an additional dimension to the finished painting. Also, every year I make additions to my exclusive series FLOW, MAZE and Wanderlust.

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FLOW is my minimal abstract series on double gessoed fine art paper that is inspired by flow of life in some of the toughest and rapidly-changing conditions on Earth. Click here to view available works from FLOW series.

MAZE is a collection of paintings with intense textures, drips and marks on block structures of colors. There are textures underneath the paint that you can touch and feel but cannot really see and then there are textures created with different media on top. MAZE represents the state and national forests, emphasizes on how they really connect us with inner peace and why their conservation is essential for well being of the ecosystem. MAZE 2019 launches in July. Subscribe below if you’d love a special preview of ready-to-preorder paintings.

Wanderlust is a very limited edition saga of travelers’ memoirs. Although each painting features my signature style, it is more of an abstract representation of the beautiful wonderlands and discoveries on this planet. In 2018 Wanderlust had three paintings representing birds of paradise, the Arabian deserts and life in the great barrier reef. Wanderlust will return this year with five works. Subscribe below to get the first updates on Wanderlust 2019.

I have done several art shows in New Jersey like Somerville downtown arts and crafts show and East Brunswick fine arts festival to name a few. Apart from my series and signature works, I love to create unique paintings for clients who value and support my cause. Click here if you would like to get in touch with me for a perfect commission.

I love to play with colors. Unfolding the textures and depth in each artwork is my favorite thing to do. I wish to spread awareness about conservation of this beautiful planet through my art and I love to see the happiness of my collectors when they see the paintings that I create specially for them. It helps me stay motivated for my cause.
— Charuta Paliwal, ChartistWorld

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