Contemporary Abstract Art

Welcome to the colorful ChartistWorld by Charuta Paliwal. Shop the original abstract expressionist paintings inspired by environment and life.

The one of a kind paintings are inspired by amazing terrains, deep waters, flora and fauna of this beautiful planet we call our “home”.

I play with bold colors, build multiple layers of acrylics and create a windy movement in my paintings. A touch of metallic hues and clouds bring positive vibes in each work.Although apart from my signature work style I have two exclusive series, all of them incorporate this multiple layer technique.

The voice of each artwork is to focus on conservation of environment and ecosystem. Through my paintings, I wish to make people connected with the serenity of mother nature and spread awareness for its conservation.

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Creating One of a Kind Art

At ChartistWorld, my process of creating a painting involves a lot of observations and studies. Since I love travelling and exploring everything that the mother nature has to offer, I tend to use a lot of greens and blues.

However, environments change, emotions change and life continuously evolves. Thus, I prefer to meet up with my clients for commissioned works. Better I get to know them, easier for me to understand what they expect from me.

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